Marco Minucelli
somebody calls me Cöz or Minu

Living/lived in:

since end 2009: Figino & Zürich
beginning 2008: Ponte Capriasca & Zürich
end 2007: Ponte Capriasca, Genève & Zürich
end 2006: Ponte Capriasca & Genève
mid 2006: Ponte Capriasca
2001-2003: Massagno
1980-2001: Bedano
birth-1980: Vernate

Birthday 13 October 1971 at 08:05, Clinica Sant'Anna, Sorengo
Job bank employee
Hobbies photography, travel, music, mountain bike, snowboard and last but not least "drink and eat"
Curriculum vitae link


My first birthday

Oktoberfest 1998

April 2004 (PS)

April 2005 (Lisboa)